3. The Blogroll

The blogroll is the list of links on the side bar that will send you to other blogs.

Most every blog has one, even if they sometimes hide them.

A blog roll can say many things, such as:

  • Here are other blogs I enjoy reading
  • These people are my gaming friends
  • Look how smart I am, I have all these MMO dev blogs on my blogroll, you have to take me seriously!

Some people try to keep their blogroll to a manageable list.  Others try to be all-inclusive in their blogroll.

Few people, however, seem to weed out blogs that are no longer around.

One way to tell how long a blog has been around is to see what percentage of their blogroll is either no longer posting or no longer even there.  Or you could just go back to their first post.  That works too.

Of course, being listed on somebody’s blogroll is always nice, especially when you have just started a blog.  It is like being accepted into the community.

But people new to blogging will often aggressively seek to get on your blogroll, often using the tired “let’s exchange links” formula that many hoped we had left behind us with the last century.

Generally speaking, being a pest about somebody’s blogroll is a bad idea.  It can lead to hard feelings, plus the reality of the situation is that blogrolls generate relatively little outbound traffic from a site compared to the total visitors over any given time period.

Trust me.  You would rather have that blogger link you in a post than put you on their blogroll if you had a choice.

The only exception to that rule is if you somehow get the top spot on another blogroll.  That particular position gets about as much traffic as the rest of the blogroll combined.

With this in mind, I would suggest a blog name that is alphabetically advantaged if you plan to create a new blog.

  • AAA MMO Musings – Right!
  • Xander’s Dungeon Party – Wrong

As for my own blogroll… I am sure your absence from it is an oversight.  I will get right on it.

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