2. Their Game

There are few things an MMO blogger loves more than their chosen game, though that devotion comes in a few flavors.

For some bloggers, that chosen game is static.  There is but one game for them.  In fact, some begin blogging because of their chosen game and fade from blogging when their interest in the game fades as well.  So have gone many a World of Warcraft blog.

Some of such blogs cheer lead for their favored game, while others are openly critical of the game they follow and the direction it is heading, plus half of the changes in the latest patch.  But it is their game, right or wrong, and you can expect them, when pressed, to defend their game from outsiders and those who try to apply the “sucks” label to it.

Then there are the game pluralists, those who love more than one game.  You might get the sense that they might have a favored game, like a Utah polygamist might have a favored wife, but they still love their flock as a family.

You might even get the sense that they love all MMOs… at least until they post about a game obviously not in their circle of love.  With some bloggers it is a simple lack of passion in their prose that clues you in, while other writers will openly declare a bias against a game.  But with several favored games to cover, they generally do not stray outside of that flock except to make a point or to point and laugh at the silly outsider.

And then we have the flavor of the month crowd.  There are those who just love to flit from one MMO title to another, sampling all there is to find.  All games are their games.

But there is a definite subset who seem to be seeking something missing from their life.  Often they seem to be on a search for an MMO to call their game, grabbing onto then discarding various MMOs.  They will hail the virtues of a new game one month, only to cast it down a little while later.  Some run to the promise and hype of every new game, while others seem stuck in a rut, running in a circle made up of the same set of games, none of which can satisfy enough of their gaming needs for them to settle down and commit.

And if all of this sounds vaguely how people deal with their real life relationships…

Well, that is part of the point.


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